Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Party





Ethan is Eygore (from Young Frankenstein) and Luke is Harry Potter. Dylan is himself and BMOC, since he is homeschooled, he doesn't meet many of the local (expat) girls, but tonight they all met HIM! He was (according to one of the moms, the Big Man of the Compound) and the hottest too. The girls told him he should TOTALLY go to the Bahrain school. Dylan told me later he DID NOT want to make that a reality, but he was very flattered. Of course!

We all had a great night!
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Learning to ride a bike

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It started out with tears and some pretty angry words and ended with high fives and happy smiles. Luke is now riding a bike! Some practice is still needed, but Dad and Luker are pretty proud of today's progress.

Ethan is next. ;)

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Tradition Begins



The first water slide we had for Luke's first birthday. My Aunt's place. A day we won't ever forget. Good times.
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Happy Birthday Party Luke!





Luke recovered just in time for his birthday celebration. Imagine that.

We had the super slide, swimming, pizza and cake. There were about 25 children in attendance and all of them LOVED the slide. It has been a bit of a tradition getting a slide for Luke's birthday. It started on his first birthday in Galveston and we had so much fun, it is one we have continued. After the party was over, a few adults (by age only) had some time on the slide too. One of them was pretty badly hurt... I won't mention any names but I will say that I occassionally sleep in the same bed with him. ;)

Fun was had by all. Family was missed.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Education in Medicine




Well, we may be behind in school, but we got an education on the medical system here in Bahrain, that counts for something.

Luke said he was sick Monday morning and proceeded to vomit. About an hour later, he did it again. I started to take him seriously then. About another half hour went by and he came to get me again and didn't quite make it to the bathroom. Then it wasn't much longer and he was throwing up again, only now there is nothing left and his little body just keeps trying. I felt so bad for him, those "heaves" are worse the the throwing up, I think. He passed out from exhaustion only to wake up 15 minutes later and do it again. He proceeded to throw up nothing four more times in about 45 minutes and I couldn't get him to the doctor fast enough. They admitted him to the hospital immediately and started an IV drip, as he threw up all the water he had just finished drinking. That one was more like projectile vomitting a spout of clear water, but it was the last time he did it and for that I was grateful. The IV hurt and I tried everything to keep him distracted while they inserted it into his arm. I told him every thing I could think of, including how I wished it was me and not him. I think that one stuck because later while he was lying in his hospital bed he said, "Mom, I wish you were sick instead of me." Then he thought about that for a few minutes and added, "but I wish you only had the hiccups." It was the sweetest thing.

We have awesome family here. I just can not call them friends because they are so much more than that. Lene came over to my house, she is a nurse, and told me that it was normal for a child's heart to race and his lips to be white along with the rest of his body being drained of color. Anne came to the hospital and brought me a bag of goodies, got the older two boys and fed them and took them home. Scott came in from Saudi to stay and help. And Hirut packed a bag for me to keep my teeth brushed and my hands occupied while I was with Luke in the hospital. As it turns out, Luke and I really had some serious bonding time. It will always be a very special memory for me. We made up little games and watched tons of cartoons together. I silently prayed for every family out there that contends with illness in their children and thanked God for the blessing of health in mine. It was a good reality check and a break from routine, yes, I can even say, an education for all involved.
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Friday, October 10, 2008

The "After" shots.




The homeschool room is so organized now. I love it! This is now my favorite place to be. It is almost like getting to go to Barnes and Noble, which I desperately miss. The room smells of books, it has my computer and all my scrapbooks (completed and in progress) and my supplies, plus all my photos and a comfy day bed for reading all those books. It helps that the walls are a (close to) pink color too. This is my happy place.
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Weekend Project



We have started re-assembling all the Lego and Playmobile sets we own. I found very cool websites online that allow you to see the instructions and inventory for each set, then the respective companies allow you to order missing pieces for replacement. So we are having fun putting back together almost 14 years worth of accumulated toys.
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A Beautiful Mind.


He loves to read. He loves to learn. He loves homeschool and his family, and pretty much everything except vegetables. He is a joy to teach and a joy to be around. He makes me remember what love looks like. He is a blessing to me straight from above and I am thankful to be his mom. He is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Homeschool Remodeling


I decided it was time for fall reorganization of the homeschool room. This new curriculum requires much more bookcase space than last year's curriculum. (Which I love) So, I cleaned off the bookcase, put some stuff upstairs and moved my office from my bedroom wardrobe, to the front wardrobe, so that the kids and I are in the same room together all day for school. These are the "before" photos. I will upload after photos when I am completely finished. I am almost there. It was a few day process but it feels really great and works so much better this way. I love it. It was worth all the back aches and groans from the kids as they were uprooted to other parts of the house to study on those two days. ;)
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