Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The new books are here, the new books are here...

I am some body now!

Well, I am some body, alright, and some body pretty busy too. We received all our books and, wow, was that a load of books. The bulk of them came in and we started school last week.

Can I have a drum roll, please?

I LOVE our new curriculum! Sonlight is a total answer to prayer and an inspiration without all the work. It makes a difference what curriculum is chosen, a HUGE difference. So far, this year is about a thousand times better than last year. We are studying the Eastern Hemisphere. I have combined the History portion into one curriculum we can study together. Luke still has his things we work on one on one while the older two boys are doing their own Bible Study and Math. Then we all work on the History and Science together, and most of the reading too. There is alot of reading. We are all doing Spanish, Rosetta Stone, which is awesome. Ethan works on Handwriting and Grammer while Dylan is studying Analogies and College and Career Prep. It is and is going to remain a fantastic year of study for all of us. We are all so excited about it. (Well, let's be honest, Ethan and I are excited and Luke and Dylan are tolerating most of it and excited when it is over, but that is better than last year.)

We are also implementing a new writing program called Brave Writers. We started with Tuesday Teatime and we have added dictation, next week we will add Friday Freewrites and continue slowly on that one. It is a really cool program, the author of which is very inspiring. I have sparked an interest in Charlotte Mason because of the Brave Writer Lifestyle. For any more information on my curriculum see the favorite links menu.

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